How to Apply

A Step-By-Step Guide

Applying to Headwater Hills School is straightforward and designed to be as user friendly as possible. Here are the four steps for application to our school:

1. Book a school visit

  • Call 519.942.3545 or email to book a school tour. We generally book school tours for mid-morning times to give you a good sense of how the classes work.
  • On your first visit you are very welcome to either come on your own or to bring your child along. 

2. Academic Records

  • A copy of your previous school's report card for the current and prior year for children who have prior school experience is helpful.
  • A copy of any formal assessments gives us a sense of whether our school can meet your child's needs if they are exceptional.

3. Assessment

  • We need to have the opportunity to determine your child's needs and whether or not our school has the resources to meet these.
  • Our assessment is informal and generally considered 'fun' by most of our young visitors. The teacher will give a lesson and work with your child as part of this assessment. This will occur as part of a visit to the school by your child.
  • Depending on the family's wishes and the age of the child we welcome visits of anywhere from part of an hour to a full day.  A longer visit may enable a child to meet other children in the class and see whether our school is a good fit.

4. Family Interview

  • It is important for us to meet both parents wherever possible. In order for your child to have success at school a strong relationship between school and home needs to be forged.  The family interview is scheduled by the principal and is an opportunity to determine whether our philosophy is congruent with your own and to answer more detailed questions about the school year.
  • Within a week of the family interview, you will be notified of the status of your application.


For more information about the process please contact Velisa Samaroo or Nancy Ernst Richards at 519-942-3545 or


Inquire Now

If you experience any difficulty submitting this form please send an email directly to with the following information: your name, phone #, age of the child/ren you are enquiring for and any questions you may have.

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