Extended Care

Our children can enjoy relaxed, unstructured and creative time both before the school day begins, and after it’s over. There are teachers supervising, but we do try, as much as possible, to ensure that this is an opportunity for social growth. There are plenty of activities to enjoy both indoors and outside. We understand the need for each age group to have access to activities that are appropriate for their specific stage of development. We have a huge outdoor playground and all the children benefit from active outdoor play.

The extended care program consists of before school time from 8:00 to 8:30 and after school care from 3:50 to 5:00pm. Before school care for the year 2016/17 is $30 per month. After school care for the year 2016/17 is $100 per month.

We also offer before and after school care on an occasional as needed basis at the rate of $5 for before school care and $10 for after school care. If you have more than one child occasionally in either the before or after school care program, the second child is charged half the rate. 

Inquire Now

If you experience any difficulty submitting this form please send an email directly to info@headwaterhills.org with the following information: your name, phone #, age of the child/ren you are enquiring for and any questions you may have.

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